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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

report from Kerala where aid money spent

These are photos of the 20 new water storage tanks installed in the small village in Kerala where Oak tree sent £2K to assist in rebuilding that area following the flood. this also bought a large number of coconut plants to be watered from these new tanks.. to enable the local villagers to grow and sell the coconuts as well as supply them with water.
Thanks for all who helped with donation.
The report was forwarded from Father Justin here in walsall who came from that village and came from St Michaels church in Kerala.


Dear Ian Robertson and Oak Tree Trust

            This is Mathew Kannalayil, Parish priest, St. Micheals Church, Veliyanadu.  Thank you very much for your concern. Our dream project of Rain harvest has been done.  We could give 20 water tanks (2000 litres) to most needy people in our village, so that they can use filtered rain water for their domestic purpose.  I extend the heartful thanks and prayers of our people. My apology for the delay of reports. It was due to busy time of paddy harvest.
            Our next project was of Duck.  Unfortunately, some health issues are faced with Duck. So we would like to distribute coconut plants, which will be a good income generation programme. So with your permission we may distribute 600 coconut plants on these days. I enclose few photos of both tank and coconut along with this report. May God bless you all.

                                                                                                            With thanks
                                                                                                            Fr. Mathew Kannalayil
                                                                                                              (Parish priest)

Tuesday, March 12, 2019